one hundred each, on the walls of which were depicted the
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was usually represented with a human body and an ibis-
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day. These priests often lived within the hieron and had
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saw no valid reason to deny that, under certain favorable con-
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methods of treatment having failed and the patient having been
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April 28th he was given daily three litres of milk and three
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prevent the return of the demon (ib., xxviii, 11). A trap
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" questions for their opinion. The testimony proposed was competent,
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tography of the Larynx, Ijy Dr. French, of Brooklyn ; The Accumulator
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that. It i)resent3 all the general systemic disturbances which
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The texts were written on rolls of papyrus which have
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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.
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(ib., VII, xlvi, 2). His healing functions are also appealed
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wall of the capillary and the delicate membrane of the tubule,
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addition of acetic acid. A summary of the literature of lacteal
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have removed them in preference to performing hysterectomy ;
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the injury. A German surgeon was once showing me with
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god, was called the ‘Horus-eye,’ and this was the holiest
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chewing laurel leaves, drinking water, breathing the ris¬
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be formed when it is remarked that the tumor completely occupied the
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ing the uniting medium throughout its entire length between
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cation between the lumen of the aorta and the sac of the aneurism is
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5. The history of the evolution of the syphilis, the ab-
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of aspergillus alone can flourish in a normal auditory meatus,
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We will cheerfully examine and report upon any samples which our
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occurred in this city, and were not reported. He could not be
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forgotten (Pausanias, VIII, xlii, 4). Dionysos was the