toris, daughter of Teiresias, Pausanias, IX, xi, 3), de¬
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around each before entering the next compartment, thus
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exposing the base of the skull, he had made little openings in
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about the idea of exorcism, of expelling the unseen, mali-
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Bloodletting at a Distance. — Some authors (particularly Sacharjin)
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19 Cf. A. C. Pearson, “Human Sacrifice (Greek),” in ERE vi, 847-
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ethics committed a grave blunder, and might be enlightened if
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might be the recipients of the divine grace. Only the pure
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search-atrophy and criticism-hypertrophy — the only natural
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cluded once in the list of inhabitants of the United States, but
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animals, and decaying matter, were administered, appar¬
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juice of camomile, or else the juice of wormwood, and a
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contagion and spread of ery.sipelas, besides its, in our hands,
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magic, oral and manual,—commands, conjurations, threat-
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Pathology and Operative Surgery in the University of Louis-
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said by Clemens Alexandrinus ( Stromata, i, 15) to have
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fevers to a zymotic process. Professor Pepper,* in a timely and
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Medicinal Then^y. — Causal. — ^The medicinal therapy can be causal
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WEBER, O., Damonen-Beschworung bei den Babyloniern und Assyr-
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Dr. K. E. Rich, of Winona, accepted the germ theory, as did
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Athenian tradition ( Heros-Iatros ), honored by great
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magistrates also had the right of spectio, or taking public
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directions upon its surface could be seen intersecting branches
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torch of straw, called Granno-mio, is lighted and carried
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Bloodletting at a Distance. — Some authors (particularly Sacharjin)
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rather the attitude of the priest or physician in liberality
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acme narcotic given (bromides, opium, morphine, the latter by the mouth