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appoint a memorialist. Dr. Garrisu moved that a committee

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sideration. The only suggestion that occurs to me at present is

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rendering it cont.agious. The first question he thought should

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pheral irritation ; witness the case of vesical calculus or of gall-

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generale foudroyante is the most dangerous. If the tempera-

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diately the patient returned to consciousness, and recovered.

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cal conditions of the utero-ovarian system, which could not be

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minuria. That the toxic influence of certain substances, as well

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of his visit had been most willingly and courteously tendered

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plexed, spiritualized the malady itself and addressed it,

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The Massachusetts General Hospital. — At a recent meet-

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should be closed and fumigated by the combustion of sul-

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Trinity Church — were illustrated upon this platform in an

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(Karell-eure) is seldom advisable and only for a few days at most. [Six

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youth of the city, were contaminated by the demoralizing

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mous political power, so that Caesar (op. cit., vi, 13-14)

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tale, he landed on the island of Skyros, whence he made

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In our time and land science is both in correspondence

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the name of an ill-defined spirit, may have been an

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degree from the exanthemata, but by considering it one of

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the friend, mistress, or wife of Numa, whom she met at

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examined. Then, the patient being properly prepared, it