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evidence had been produced by Prudden, Dreschfeld, West,

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If the deceased is found ‘true of speech/ the gods say,

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chairman. The gentleman in question has on numerous occa-

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and Dr. C. C. F. Gay as the Finance Committee for the ensning

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children, one of which was nine, another eleven, and a third

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manipulating the limb. If any doubt exists, the patient's cau-

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and serous infiltration of the lid wliich accompany the action of

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^utiises an increase of met&boliam demands work of the heart. Too hot

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ered with a hot towel or sponge. All bleeding having

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the habena", and of the cephalad end of the latter ? Where

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life, both public or national and personal. Correct inter¬

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Asklepieia, a ceremony of especial magnificence, was held

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* Catti, "Wiener med. Presse," No. 18, May 2, 1875.

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jects. In one of them there was pyelitis. Was this pyelitis

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the arts of prophecy and healing (Apollonios Rhodios,

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one of which, celebrated for its instruction, was situated

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He was a syncretistic creation of the Graeco-Egyptian

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Apollo Patroos was a divine ancestor of Ion, at Delos

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of causes — such as fatigue, mental tension, exposure to cold,

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in members of one family living under the same conditions, but

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bined their religious ceremonials with resort to the

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the suggestion for the employment of a parasiticide, and corro-

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tained albumin after eating eggs. On further examination,

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ticulariy aortic insufficiency, than in mitral valvular lesions. The reason

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though not rare, are of such infrequent occurrence as to

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their names, she was known at Thebes as Mut-Ubastet

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near the joint, which was opened at the dispensary. This re-

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mary lesion due to direct inoculation ; the seat was either on

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The Treasurer's Report showed a balance of $2,212. On