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history of syphilis, and states that up to the time he was first
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issue for May 1st, and the latter, except the closing paragraph,
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The peculiarity of tliese attacks was, that they appeared at cer-
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from one person to another. Contagion as the cause of
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there is increased seeretion. These processes all belong to
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upon pregnancy, have been stated in a paper read before the
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troversy concerning their opposite views in which Koch had
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characteristic appearances of the eruption being as distinct-
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earliest definite knowledge of Egyptian therapeutic cus¬
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presence of rock salt in a bath has a similar effect Oraupner explains
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of cases, and descriptions of specimens illustrating rare and in-
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be to the " convanience " of the moment. In other words,
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he is called Mardnk of Eridu, thus suggesting the city of
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Kings County Pharmaceutical Society, gives the following formula for
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tility and growth the greater seasonal gods of agriculture
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ISth. — The middle finger has become somewhat distorted
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fracture. The fragments did not se])arate, although ho was
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and other diseases of the Uterus and its appendages.
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pliment to adopt them as its own, reproducing the former in its
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The other count of the indictment has reference to the
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tion of their god, frequently accomplishing it by a blend¬
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forms, I am inclined to believe that in the angio-spastic form
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addition, mild follionlar inflammation of tlie riglit tonsil. Or-
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sated by the events which the tercentenary has called forth.
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op. cit., 920); but though the equal of Zeus, she was sub¬
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doplasms from the Aii'-Passages, by Professor Voltolini, of Breslau, and
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Such, in brief, were the early fundamental beliefs that
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occasionally of throbbing pain. These are better if the patient keeps
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July, 1883, Dr. John T. Nagle referred to me a young lady, aged
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