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deep he can get to fight the disease. It must, therefore, be treated
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within a year. This was over four years ago, and the pa-
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to enable the patient to use the limbs freely. Another case had
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febrile motion which characterizes the onset of the disease
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zette hebdomadaire de medecine et de chirurgie " gives the following
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offspring; in other words, it might be congenital. Attention
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Steinway Hall. The address to the graduating class will be de-
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affectionately remembered by their people, great festi¬
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lost both legs by a railroad accident, one above the
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thereof; and liereby authorize the President, Secretary, and
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which one fourth part of pancreatic emulsion is added, the
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By this I mean much more than the truism that a physi-
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Dr. Carpenter referred to a case in which the patient at his
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contact with a nursing-bottle of a syphilitic child. The woman
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and while we are doing that we call upon the authorities of the States
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side on the seventh day, and three hours later the child died.
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and of the presidents of the county societies, who are ex officio
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signed to duty as post surgeon, Mount Vernon Barracks, Ala.
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the following passage : " Before you can convict the defendant,
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ecthyma. They inclined to flatten and spread on the periphery,
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principal indication for venesection is threatened cerebral hemorrhage,
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Pharai, in Messenia, where they were still worshipped
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posed to drive away hostile spirits that prevented fruit¬
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the lamps were lighted, and the neokoros with his assist¬
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of the organ. Then this exulceration may increase, and is
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To physicians mentioning the adverti=ement'and sending full cash
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65 For a more detailed discussion of these birth-legends, see E. Thra-
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two hours. Tills morning he vomited a very offensive, thick, green
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were held also at Byrkos on Karpathos, Kalymna, Ephe-
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that Greek craftsmen represented them in art, though
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Dr. J. H. H. BuROE remarked that Dr. Markoe had recently