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[Cushny, in a recent lecture before the Harvey Society, urges the use
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marauders which, it is said, form the germs of certain of
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and fourth days ; one patient died in fifteen hours, a second in
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or by way of the dark north. 30 Ibis-headed Thoth was the
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to the transfer of the symbol of priestly dignity in the
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days thereafter her condition did not greatly change, but on the
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personification of the twilight that precedes the dawn,
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traditions as the divine ancestor of the community, as
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Churchyards, by Dr. Levisou, of Copenhagen. Announced Communi-
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in which it stood, not far from Aricia, was one of the
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to our own work. The promoters give evidence of a laudable
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sideration the legal status of the Society, reported that the
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Hector-priests’ ( kher-hab ) (Brugsch Papyrus, vii, 10),
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by Mayor Lewis, President Porter, Mr. Clarence Deming, of
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between the temporary relief afforded by vomiting in the
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with his father and to ask what the sick man must do to
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tion in our knowledge of the gross anatomy of the brain. It
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Eshmun. 19 A river near Sidon was named Asklepios, and
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The medical tablets in the Shurpu and Mahlu series,