German Apothecaries' Society, and the Kings County Pharma-

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not the nome-god, but a deity of priests. Atum, the nome-

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laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are

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duced in Madras, so as to evade the prejudice against native

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once, and kept in a wide-mouthed specimen or fruit jar. A

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DiUBsncs: Bbnal, CmoxTLATOBT. — ^Diuretics may be classified as

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especially honored at the springs of Aqnileia and was

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the central pustule was often immediately surrounded by a

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former symptoms then subsided, but it was fully two months before the

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mentioning the name of Telesphoros, ib., pp. 91, 93, 98).

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Application of Physico-Physiological Data. — The prac-

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the dormitory or abaton. The patient, dressed in white

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Tobacca — ^Tobacco is f orlndden , as it is likely to cause increased heart

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retained her original character and name. Little of the

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Dr. B. F. Baer remarked that the specimen seemed to be a

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fore, one of the most important details of practical therapeutics, and experience has

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patient should stay in bed until 8 or 9 A.M., having breakfast as early as

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pios and Hygieia at Tunstall; and minor evidences at

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so HiminiRhiTig the volume of the latter. On account of the narrowing

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with them (Festus, p. 110), so that the cultic practices

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may exist in the urine temporarily without signifying kidney

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emotions. They were never the companions of man, nor

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sonalities and the sentiment of the age permitted. Many

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The subject of the Supply of Anatomical Material was

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to serous or bloody fluid that might cause trouble by de-

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ture went up to 104-5°, with aggravation of her condition other-

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When preachers were doctors, both professions were spoiled ;

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differing from it for years only in the relatively short dura-

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that no tactile sensations ascended the posterior columns to the

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of the stomach and the supervention of acne pustules.

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