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avoided (coffee, tea, chocolate, strong alcohol, tobacco, digitalis, stro-

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M. Paul Regnard, for his " Experimental Researches on the

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quest, with a compounding of names, a disguising of

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interest in view of the infrequency with which post-mortem

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is let go, and at once a corresponding number of small wounds is made

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passage of Athenaios (ix, 395 A), it is inferred that it was

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what seems to him a strange, burning inflammation or fever.

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institutions are generally managed in this country, and to the

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and decav. There was an absence of all ethical considera-

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Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Worterbucih. Leipzig, 1867-1882.

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and on the Caelian a circular temple surrounded with

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time sufficiently stimulate the circulation at the seat of the

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and as Fortuna "V irilis she gave good luck to women in

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Parian marble, under the open sky, of the god himself

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me say, God speed you, gentlemen ! Your mission is deli-

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was asked to interfere and correct the deformity, and it was

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and the head of a cow, with a globe (the solar disk) be¬

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posterior face of the fundus uteri, and completely occupying the

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became the great tutelary deity of woman in all her func¬

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umbilicus. The temperature and the pulse at that time were

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violent sneezing, are prominent among the many phenomena

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Jl and the only survivals of their practices of heal¬

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sanias, II, xix, 3-4). 27 The serpent may have been wor¬

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relief we know that our work has been incomplete, and

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Surely it would seem, from this surprising array of cases,

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day. The first resolution, relating to the appointment of a com-

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tip of the medicornu are as rare as are figures of the ex-

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was brought to Greece during the latter half of the

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( Etymol . mag., s.v. Aegucov) and gave distinction to the

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men, and probably between the muscles and peritonseum. The

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some sacred object, or being touched by the foot of a holy

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in the broader sense of an averter of pestilence, but it is

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George P. R. James are the titles of the essays. The essay on James contains many

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150-156) and also in Melos. 275 The allotment of a part of