of the matter, and, of the few who compared the two sides, the

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joint disease. Even if the abscess did not apparently communi-

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rence, more particularly the order of their development, be

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she was now stronger, I deferred the use of the tube to 11.30

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from the beginning with this ammoniacal course, and had only

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three in number, Axieros, Axiokersos, and Axiokersa,

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Compound Fkacture of the Skull. — Dr. Stimson also pre-

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violent sneezing, are prominent among the many phenomena

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Case II. — Mrs. H., aged twenty, a primipara, was confined,

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ing water-caves or tunnels of subterranean rivers, others sea-caves,

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tion of brown. The odor of old cheese was associated with the

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ERMAN, A., Die Mdrchen des Papyrus West car. Berlin, 1890.

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that another instance can be found in medical history where a

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Seven weeks after the operation the discharge had ceased

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Iugatinus. Iuventas. Levana. Latius. Locutius. Mens. Nun-

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some pains to paint us blacker than we supposed ourselves to

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throughout the Roman provinces, especially Gaul, Brit¬

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functions. With the development of religious conceptions,

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blood. Four days later she had a hemorrhage from the bowels,

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ously with and independently of the diphtheritic affection of

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and monumental work, was published. This book at once took

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result of a folliculitis occurring just behind and beyond a com-

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range, in order to associate the case with a paper on fevers.

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day ; none to-day. Quin. sulph. to be increased to gr. x at bed-

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(more especially the plant drugs), as applied to exact