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a period between the Twelfth and Eighteenth Dynasties
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who as Healer and Savior called all mankind to himself;
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ered, May 14th, 1879, an Irish woman of a child unconscious
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tal Medical College will be begun on the 7th of June, and it
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cacy was tested in typhoid fever (five cases), septic fever (in a case of
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Sternberg, George M., Major and Surgeon. Relieved from
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followed by a rapid increase in the amount of urine and decrease in its
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the fracture was at or near the ankle joint. Little padding was
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symptom was jaundice. Both these symptoms occurred in an
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quotes : " It has now passed beyond the domain of dispute
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against illness, though, if they were offended, they had
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dressed directly and were seldom referred to by their
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treatment was by the interrupted current to the eye and the
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the demonstrator of anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania,
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there is extreme sensitiveness of this tissue, which becomes
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Apollo, Hermes, Hygieia, and her sisters, he received
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sults from suddenly assuming the erect posture after lying
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chants, etc.) and sudras (conquered races). All these
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spring with healing properties outside the Porta Capena
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and of about the size of a lead-pencil. The peritonfeum was
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Ranvier, of Paris; The Anatomy of the Labyrinth of the Ear, by Pro-
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the tincture (10 min.) every second day and watches the effect upon the
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over these tendons, and passing the finger up beneath the fascia
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Slsl. — The bowels have not moved since the suppository was given,
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Saturday, May 3d: American Surgical Association (fourth
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than those mentioned. The physician has since that time
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the respiratory organs, and it may be questioned whether
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the control of three pontiflees, who were organized into
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operation that called for unusual care and skill, when an ill-