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to punishments that mean annihilation or long agony.

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phthisis, pulmonary actinomycosis, and zoogloeic tuberculosis (a

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because in both instances our therapy is directed toward the same object,

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tended to show that increasing the blood pressure had no effect

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Golden Fleece. She then fled with Iason, whose wife she

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Rome, Ga., described two cases of supposed insanity, due to

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Peck, George, Medical Director. Ordered as President of

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of August went West. In November I heard from him tliat he

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a perpetual fire burned in her temple. She was identified

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Disease a Frequent Cause of Asthma," read before the

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each case long enough to enable him to judge of its merits. In

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interest in view of the infrequency with which post-mortem

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product, and may be developed de novo, I shall offer some

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applied it with distinction in the Trojan War; (2) hero-

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Margaret Fuller and Her Friends. Emerson in Ancestry and in Life. Concord,

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Tr61at combated M. Luys's position, calling attention to the fact

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heart The right ventricle can endure this strain only imperfectly and

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in its essential details, can not but increase the efficiency of

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the pain is more apt to begin in the temporal artery or some

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she sometimes preferred the name of Genitalis (Horace,

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manipulations. A green rod, four or five feet long, cleft

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