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titioners, and he would approve of its being stated that those

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Marne) an inscription was found dedicated “Deo Apol-

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to 101°, or perhaps a little higher, and the cause assigned for it

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saline; then administer 10-15 min. of the tincture or 2-4 dr. of the

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in urination and defecation. These he classes as lumbar-cord

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jute, samples of which I have the pleasure of exhibiting, I

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These evidences come mainly from Epidauros and Kos,

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manent bhndness might result. Dr. Howe related several in-

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the desire on the part of a few to form exclusive organizations,

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imagination of the people interpreted these potencies of

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more marked than in others ; in some it wa.s associated with

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markable degree of protection against traumatisms was

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winter, e.g., to the Riviera. [In the United States, to Southern Cali-

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.all circumstances were capable of exciting tuberculosis. He

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personal bearing and were transparent and conspicuous in all

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so that when the patient assumed the knee-chest position the

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ing the Empire. Outside of Rome, however, the cult of

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The Ohaibman regarded the premonitory stage of irritability,

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were hypertrophied. In the ileum also the villi were hypertro-

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made possible, and it certainly is desirable, for public en-

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height. 23 Of all the temples of Punic Carthage, the only

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State deity and was given a temple in the Campus Mar-

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of the latter. It is, then, to the traumatisms of locomotion,

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purity to the minds of men, banished all evil, and incul¬

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future. Exact data are not accessible to me, but no thought-

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