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to the city, and I found the auditory canal almost closed from
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but religion, always concerned with human destiny, physi¬
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produced no abscesses, but, if this was its greatest merit, he
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comes hard when injected into the blood-vessels simply by
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as Lochia or Lecho at Sparta (IGA, 52), Soodina at Chai-
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superimposed weight of the body is fairly distributed over
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attached him to Asklepios and Hygieia as having an in-
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assured that any gifts to the library, either in the form of books,
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Those who believe that the placenta presents its foetal surface
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Case I. Subperitoneal Abscess. — Mrs. A., aged thirty-two.
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pain, and vomiting almost invariably occurs. In the latter,
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trization, and the reunion of the lateral surfaces of the fin-
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tain the cause, the gods offended, and what must be done
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severity in the skin areas to which the nervous filaments are
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characteristic of Semitic genius, was identified with vari¬
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on the radical cure of exomphalus and other forms of hernia.
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in loco, to subsequently spread through tlie whole organism.
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being those of bronchial obstruction. At the autopsy, cheesy
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General Ai)ril 1, 1884, or at date of last report received at this
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days, and it was supposed that the fowl would die, but one
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the dormitory or abaton. The patient, dressed in white
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Until the invention of this machine it was considered
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In addition to fatty degeneration and chronic myocarditis, whidh are
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time during the night, generally toward morning, one of
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cleaned with soap and brush, corrosive sublimate, ether, and alcohoL If
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122 ff.)- Diogenes Laertios (v, 76) says that Demetrios
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he began to have impairment of movement in the lower extren)i-
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bore greater sway over the medical profession than Dr. Gross