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Greek Dioskouroi (Kastor and Polydeukes) and reap¬

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matique" (Chassaignac), " 6rysipele bronz6" (Velpeau), "pneu-

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late Dr. Gross, in which, though in his usual earnest style the

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the Ionic order, thirty-six in all. It was 246 feet long by

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the association had not become less marked during the nine

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effected by the symbolic use of water, oil, or fire, and

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go down stairs, there was a sudden attack of well-developed

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small to allow a positive conclusion, but it suggests that the dif-

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fessor Marey, of Paris ; The Structure and the Function of the Laby-

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There was pain on motion and on pressure over the trochanter.

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these were ascertained, their divinities were fused or

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efEectually as if the plexus were not there at all, and the

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energies of nature, which are represented as superior

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formation, which usually occur separately, but which in this

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pharynx. The child recovered from the attack of measles, but

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sequent meeting. So soon as he finds that you are " all right "

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of this medicine — about a drachm per diem. It worked

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The gauze bandages are each five yards long, and are

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will send you once t:)n]y and prepaid one large (^regular size) cake m a far. »•

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graver disease by months or years. I am inclined to believe

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ing the priority of birth to Eurystheus over Herakles (II.,

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sure of Rolando ") and the carnivoral F. cruciata. — On both

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age of the patients escaped from immediate danger, while many

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Civitate Dei, xv, 29), the Castaeci and Castaecae, the Icotii

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the members to current literature for the same. He read notes

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Vita Apoltonii, ii, 36). This dream-oracle was assumed

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Since this accident he had looked over the hospital records