topsy had shown gangrene of the ileum. There was also slough-
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aspirated fluid was made. Its general appearance was that of
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fied, a knowledge of the upper and lower ends follows as a mat-
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rank. As the centuries passed, the renown of the healing
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Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas, sends us the following analy-
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tion : 1. The hygiene of the habitations of the poor. 2. The
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In England the following relics have been unearthed: an
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illustrated hy sections from frozen bodies. He then referred to
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native gods recognized by the State, and the ceremonials
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their wives and children and earnestly implore the pro¬
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cess," unite with the nerve fibers, according to Gerlach, by
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amounts (1-1.5 G. (15-22 gr.) to 60 G. (2 oz.) of water), a smaU
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Many of the best athletes of Greece contested in the
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the fall being very great in the two intervening temperatures ; so that
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belonged to this Academy. I shall not now repeat any of those
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England. The writer was the author of an interesting arti-
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■bers proposed the names of William F. Hutchinson, of Provi-
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The Treatment of Goitre, by Dr. Mackenzie, of London, and Professor
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therefore recommended that the resignation of Dr. Davis as
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saved the patient. During a part of the time consumed by the
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and the laying-on of hands, so that “ gentle Lucina
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and apotropaios (‘averter of ilP) at Erythrai, both ex¬
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gentlemen who have employed it there have abandoned it, be-
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of Bigelow. He thought it was impossible with the patient in
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the bromide of sodium to the bromide of potassium, just
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splint, for bed-sores readily occur here from neglect of this pre-
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his bad habits. If his memory served him correctly, Dr. Car-
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cal school. Now, since almost every medical college is ostensi-
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occurring in many incantation-texts, usually in a second¬
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set an example; it was a source of great joy that he had
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