stoppage of drainage, and the administration of stimulants, the patient

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262 H. S. Jones, “Mithraism,” in ERE viii, 755-759.

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admit Sattler's view of an infection disease because of the ab-

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than the introduction of the ordinary stomach-tube, and, with

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his degree as the equanimity with which he is able to absorb

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as an epithet, received a votive statue, found at Gero-

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tions of public charities and of sanitary laws, who can

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eric appearance. The operation was performed with the as-

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illustrated and carefully written, and the subjects are

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ing paragraph of the Ebers Papyrus: “This is a book

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first instance in three months, and in the second in five

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referred to as a divine healer (Keith, op. cit., p. 56) but the authority

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provided that the ship's surgeon might report to the captain,

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A Re-statement of the Cell Theory, with Applications to

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is not contagious, it is not infectious, is never endemic ; it

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(Maissonneuve and Frery), " eraphysime du moignoii " (Sal-

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often it quickly disappears. The withdrawal of salt is not a iherapeutie

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see, viz. : four and a quarter inches of the humerus, including its

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now we are able to fix with approximate accuracy the true

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hope that this cheap work may not prove as cheap as that won-

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the members to current literature for the same. He read notes

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the pantheon of the world, and during the Empire the

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effect, although it must be remembered tiiat these drags used too often

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border of the heart, the rhythm of which could not be deter-

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tion began ; after the fifth day the fever was continuous. It seemed

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Sudden Death op a Physician. — Dr. B. H. R. Davenport,

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were not concerned for those who had departed from this

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or twice every day to straighten himself out. He also wore the

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remedy acts, by virtue of an elective action, upon the epidermis,

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shaped stilette. He uses two of them instead of four.

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admitted, the patient was markedly asthenic, and suffered from me-

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The President, Dr. E. B. Nye, of Middletown, in the chair.

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panied by an exanthem, favor the dissipation, at least tem-

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cles, and, even where there were no blood-vessels, isolated blood-

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determined before in the manner alreadv detailed above.

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qrphilitic myocarditis. Gkx>d results are obtained by begiiming witii