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Anatomy, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Revised with 24 Full-page Plates, 8 of which

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gus. Fresh chlorine-, bromine-, or iodine-water, and strong

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were not noticeably hypertrophied, nor were there any bony

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burnt himself severely, and had never a fit for upward of

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Quarterly Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics!

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cially those of long standing, is that the parts become so

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2nd. Its Elasticity, which will enable the surgeon or

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the wound bound up, and the head lowered. (3) If the spot is not

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low, according to the elasticity and the tension of the walls, the

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Female, aged nineteen. Grand mal for six years. Attacks

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the deities who caused epilepsy (Hippokrates, de Morb.

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even to 103.4^. The method is certainly worth trying in sacculated,

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each layer of the gauze, and the whole applied to the limb at

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divided them, further, into 4 4 dreams to be followed

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than a religious god. Augustus depended on religio, Ghat

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treme intolerance of potash, the patient was unable to take the

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question if it is of any real advantage to the patient. I

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when she was sent into the house. Dr. Seltzer, the assistant

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as the first-born daughter of Iupiter; 94 and another in

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which was of about the size of a filbert. The man had returned

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As Pallas Athena she was the goddess of battle, personi¬

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to a considerable amount of irritation. Upon the whole, I

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" Resolved, That, while tendering to other boards and health asso-

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ment. As used in the great majority of the texts, the