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known from classical literature and from studies of
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times; and when disease and death overtook a person, it
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made up Captain Costigan — out of " scraps, heel-taps, odds
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obscure, but she had a great influence over child-birth;
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sive sublimate for irrigating (for this we use almost exclu-
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of mind. The lochia had stopped. Ordered vaginal douches of
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November 3, the chief motif of the festival being a ‘ pas¬
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it is kept in stock ; the alcoliol also increases the fluidity and likewise
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It is, then, to the denser or bony parts of the body that
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while he had seen a good many of the latter kind end in re-
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During the attack itself the patient should be laid on his back, the
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which yielded most readily were connective tissue and patho
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to retard the birth of Herakles, when she pressed her
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the lamps were lighted, and the neokoros with his assist¬
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ures only gave the sex and the age at which the patient was
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vations on the island in 1867 exposed layers of travertine
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I am Horus, who spendeth the night . . . , who spendeth the
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the mythical sea-serpent and a bitter enemy of man. 17
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is local primarily, in both diseases, is apparent from the
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were visited by Sulla for gout (Plutarch, Sulla, 26).
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ness, and the middle finger, being considerably longer than the
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often 476 hours after the injection, the temperature begins to fall, a
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don on August 18, 1883. By J. Wiokham Lego, Fellow of
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tion of the tunica vaginalis are as likely to follow the one opera-
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pius and Hygia have been uncovered in many provinces.
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monary oedema (acute inflammatory oedema in croupous pneumonia of
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at all, or have carelessly confounded them with the artificial
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take off and put on as a coat. It cannot be detected through the clothing.
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septiCtBmia is in no sense specific ; yet, without doubt, sep-
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Frag., 13, 45) of Paian and Apollo as separate personali¬
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the physiological and anatomical relations of the parts in-