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followed within a few weeks. For the past three or four years he had
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the most valuable hints in that department are to be picked up
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Mythology. The creation of remedies. Disease and dualism.
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their darling theory ; but the figures which I have just read
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the community affected. Those who confounded etiquette with
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without a single untoward symptom, and died six years after-
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seen then, and is well known, that many manifestations of that
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equated respectively with Demeter, Hades, and Perseph¬
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that they first entered the liquor amnii, and gained access to
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forming practically an unbroken column, and the greatest
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pian circle he dresses the wounds of injured deities (II.,
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ries, while the rear section will contain a large auditorium, to
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Dr. Wight's patient was a man who had all his life been
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morbid process occurs in the follicles of the pharyngeal ton-
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Re; and it then became popular for other local deities to
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await the detailed observations which the author promised
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Sarco-Peptones. — This preparation of Dr. Rudisch, presented by
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ods described by him are still more easily reached in private
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The patient was practically well at the end of two weeks. Per-
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whenever dilatation was necessary, but thought something
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of the uranic deities. Each oracle was inspired by the god
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Data recorded in literature and in many inscriptions
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Cc. each upon receipt of SO.25 to cover expense uf packing
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seen in the specimen. Some sections had been submitted to