and to fill in and back up the absorbent material proper of
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Rome was on the Esquiline, where a gift was brought to
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pitch depends on these two factors in just the same way, also
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Dr. G. R. Eluott spoke of the duration of the treatment
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branches; and these, again, join with each other, and also
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almost wholly overlooked. In physiological physics a knowledge of
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The discussion was participated in by the President, Dr. J.
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fit ; this is filled with sand, so that it readily sinks into the
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part of the traditions of the Thessalian tribes; and that
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Pindar {op. cit. } iii, 110) refers to the charge that in reĀ¬
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recent cases, no dissection of the soft parts over the patella is
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to Pannonia, Illyria, and Dacia, and even to Asia Minor. 1
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hover about their old homes and to preserve the welfare
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be supplied according to circumstances, and are often expressed by the
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only that the enoephalon underwent variations of pi-essure, the
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cal branches, however, do not seem to stand in need of any
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xxxiii) ; 288 and in this character they were identified with
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and he appeared to exercise much care to prevent himself from
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tion by incubation for healing was practiced. Bes was
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sia. It was well to try to avoid contractions by gentle exten-
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different authorities on the diseases of children, expressing their
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(Fr.). A sound passed two inches and a half and was arrested. Only
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for their selection as places of resort, but also of the ways
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moderate discharge of pus from the wound, the hardness sub-
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the year's work, it could justly be said that the association had
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in contact with him. By his death both the profession of medi-
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the introduction of infectious diseases into the country to the National
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or cadaveric poisons, by malaria, or by any influence which
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