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L. Dickinson, Dr. C. W. Chamberlain, Dr. M. C. White, Dr.
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still later, because of their name, they were supposed to
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religious healing rites of the Romans as practiced by the
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siderable amount of interesting matter in the sections, includ-
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were brought from Etruria to conduct them, with dancing
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Haraerlin, aged thirty-seven, admitted March 30, 1882.
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there was a yearly festival to celebrate the consecration
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ing of many medical schools, to the properties and qualities of
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nor Libman has described any such recoveries; but the latter has
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fifth day it was discovered that a bed-sore had developed
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β€œLa seconde stele des guerisons miraculeuses, decouverte a Epi-
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trolled by transfixion with needles, and the administration of a
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Any further treatment of endocarditis must be merely symptcnnatic
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the relative duties of the professions. In former times the
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ophy, is evidenced by the concluding remarks of Cicero
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(0.50 G. β€” 7% gr.), aspirin (0.5 G. β€” ^7% gr.), each to be given several
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as the supreme national deity. The pontifices, augurs,
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manifestations of these traumatic forces, together with a
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to give any view of the vocal cords at all, and in whose case
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considerations need not, and did not, prevent the speedy
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signs of renal disease. Albumin was frequently absent
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number of other hospitals, and was a member of all the chief
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The details of the use of the instrument and the importance
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tiple incisions, but numerous punctures, as many as were re-
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should wear woollen underdoihing, which protects the skin from abnormal
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[Dr. Janney then read the histories of four cases of malig-
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bathe in the spring is a cure for all kinds of sicknesses
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which fails to volatilize any poisonous coating. It is incomprehensible