office and fixtures. Small town, school and church.

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of the most authoritative citizens, and highest officials. 29

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tion of superimposed weight over the joint surfaces; and,

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tlie nerve-fibrils in the mucous coat of the intestinal canal,

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Nor is it enough to give the sources of figures in a list,

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creative and directing power; and he was the orderer of

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Dr. Dana was quite sure that among syphilitic sailors not

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ing under observation, and was evidently one of those where

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tumor alone for the time being, and report further. She re-

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end of the tub. He plans an ordinary course to last 6 weeks.

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Dr. G. T. Harrison said that after the operation he contin-

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strained from officiating in these rites, they were con¬

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with its almost fabulous combinations, and mechanics, with

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The hfemorrhage was quite free, and it was decided to introduce

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Horace, Carmina, I, 16; Hyginus, Fabulce, 142). The most

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is below the indifferent i)oint, they work reflexly through the skin on

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distal extremity resting npon the upper edge of the fistulous

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almost immediately after taking food. Colic pain might or might not

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under the act, only thirty-two of them performed experiments,

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were given, and the patient was put under the same treatment as before

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understanding of the therapeutics of hip and other allied

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perience, that where there is septic poisoning the os uteri

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ed, but it has already reached too great a length. I may,

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phrase, by those whose bread and butter depend on their prac-

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which had occurred of persons who at their admission weighed

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terpreted as a divine visitation, a celestial dream or

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It is rather difiicult to fix points as guides to the artery, but

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lar to diuretin, theobromin-sodium acetate, or agurin. The author has

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the volume of the gland, but this sometimes occurred in the

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than any other. Here there was no valvular lesion, no murmur,

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or the patient can speedily soak it so that the bandage can

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will have been raised about fifty degrees above the boiling