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ness in cases of puerperal albuminuria was illustrated by a re-

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would perform exsection in every case of ankle-joint disease.

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central canal, and to the mesial side of the head of the pos-

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about the idea of exorcism, of expelling the unseen, mali-

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having long remained permanently closed, it was noted that this pecul-

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developed. Mercury was ineffectual, and, owing to her ex-

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TOUT AIN, J. F., Les Cultes paiens dans V empire romain. 2 vols. Paris,

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descriptions of earlier works and some recent ones, each

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I am able, however, to pass a silver catheter (No. 19) into the

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or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of

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lence and cure disease. 44 It is by no means possible to

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In all these eases the umliilical vein was carefully examined,

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conveying an equal amount of information. This means

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ond day) ; New Jersey State Medical Society (second day) ;

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a white cock, to beat it up with honey and collyrium, and for

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filled his whole duty to the gods as understood by the

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remark that “men are mortal gods, and gods are im¬

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stretched, it was used in healing and as a symbol of pro¬

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It would be otherwise if flint implements could be found in the older

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nation, and found the uterus enlarged to about the size proper

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phosphate, magnesium phosphate). Its originator recommendiB its use

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the beneficence of their deities, the great mass of the