and were content with a traditional, conservative em¬

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wound was kept open by a hit of necrosed bone. The patient,

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heart (dilatation), the therapy is identical with that of nervous palpitar

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counsel; and his error seems to have arisen from over¬

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British medicine, and showed a familiarity with their achieve-

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the gods; and, as religious conceptions reached a higher

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REINACH, S., Cultes, mythes, et religions. 4 vols. Paris, 1905-1912.

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with month open, and unable to breathe with it shut, she spent

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exercise. It then almost invariably contains a considerable

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cotton. A bandage is then applied firmly around the body

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next meeting of the International Congress at Washington, for

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Stories of a Coantry Doctor, by Willis P. King, M. D. The book is bound in blue buckram and con-

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thirty-five cells were required, while but twelve sufficed at the

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also announced the invitations that had been extended to the

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disinfected laminaria tents of ^mall size. In the afternoon of

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Their relative size aLso varies at different levels. It will

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Berne; A Comparison between Embryotomy, Cesarean Section and

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of the Babylonian cosmogony; and in the division of the

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erect posture, standing squarely with equal weight on both

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“ ’Tis thon who dost accomplish miracles and art benevo¬

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ferred to the many general treatises on the subject.

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rites of sacrifice to induce the gods to protect the body

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Published every Thursday since February, 1828. Owned and Con-

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14 E. Meyer, “Esmun,” in Roscher, i, 1385-1386.

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the primary action, or initial lesion, and subsequent actions,

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the inhibitory apparatus in the cardiac muscle itself. The combination

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