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Ptolemaic times assumed the attributes of the local deities

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In every case, however, thus far reported, early induration

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always kept at Thebes. An instance of the efficacy of this

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whose weights were 20 to 25 per cent, above the usual standard,

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2-4). She had a large retinue of deities and numina who

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ing the hospitals ' permitted in the Western Infirmary. If any one has

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paratively slight contraction of the urethral caliber. In such a

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became canonical (Diodoros, i, 82), although Aristotle

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At the time of admission her right pleural cavity contained

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which for the most part prove so disastrous to him. Those

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regarded as far more etficient than the chlorate of potassium.

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For many days it was uncertain where the limit of mortifi-

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and State societies work together and obtain uniform action in

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for delegates at §9.80 from New York to Washington and re-

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to Koch's observations, for these he had gone over and con-

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tumor alone for the time being, and report further. She re-

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culled from many sources, an endeavor has been made to

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of its mysteries and their orgiastic features, the worship

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esses of birth, and Eileithyia was often regarded as a

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interwoven with enough silk or lin^i thread to prevent its shrinking

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ritual forms; but beyond that, each one was free and

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possible if not probable cause was the consumption of nitrogen

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under the same title, which only priests were allowed to

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scandalized the Romans; and she was the only Oriental

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‘ Honse of Khonsu, ’‘ the beantifnl resting one ’; the 4 House

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very slight movements could be detected as accompanying

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of these hymns, prayers, and incantations were built up

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