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•corpuscles were never changed into such cells. Might they not

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two thirds of the cases. This is not generally taught. Those

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day afternoon. May 29, 1884, of typhoid fever. The decea.sed

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chief being the circular artery of the cervix. This is given off

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Stone in the Bladder. — Dr. W. H. Caemalt, of New

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tion and energizes by direct electric treatment. Under the instructions of the physician

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and fur a long term of years he was the leading surgeon of New-

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preferred to practice other and more efficacious methods. Dr.

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the dose recommended by Tumey (0.07 G. — 1 gr.) brought on severe

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Don t commit suicide if all the people in town do not come to yo«

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is the message which Dr. Abbott has been sending to the medical profession for the past fifteen

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Addus. This seems to have been the name of a god, pre¬

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a period between the Twelfth and Eighteenth Dynasties

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arteriosclerosis of any sudden alteration of the blood pressure, partien-

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cially of physicians. After the New Kingdom (1580 b.c.),

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A probe, passed upward into the urethra, came in contact with

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The writer observed it during life, and deems it worthy of

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had marked rise of temperature, chills, very severe frontal head-

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completely ligated. For, if the ureter was completely lig.'ited,

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being having magic powers which were associated with

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healing art. Just within the gate of the city of Athens

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a position in the Johns Hopkins University. We understand

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of perishable specimens, or of such as are in course of dis-

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Dr. T. A. Emmet remarked that Dr. Sims had made use of a

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after pain in the back and limbs and chilly sensations, she had

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“Bruchstiick einer Grabinschrift aus Kreta,” in ibid., 1891, 1,

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irritating effect of the arsenic on the mucous membrane of the stomach,

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and Harpokrates being associated with the cult in minor

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fice ), as it is called in an inscription found there and giv¬

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of his injury, when symptoms developed which convinced him

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which became the center of the religious life of the nation,

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not come under observation until six months after the attack of

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by those of a general scope, we do not imply that they have not