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acclaim. Later in the day there were feasts, and the vigils
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ing the solutions to the proper strength of two and a half
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the psoas-raagnus muscles, across the vessels, to strike the
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rational prevention of puerperal fever and of puerperal sep-
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On both sides their line cuts the upper and anterior portion of
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In regard to the operation of von Langenbeck, it was a
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on the statements of the patient, and there wiis no proof of any
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as the mild vegetable laxatives. (For a full discussion see p. 493 et seq.)
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disease. This symptom might occur at any time, from a few
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community where he resided as Dr. Parker did in this city for
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of hands and aided child-birth in the same manner ( Rym .
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the cerebral circulation which they produced in haemorrhage,
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Mageuder, D. L., Lieutenant-Colonel and Surgeon. Granted
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The attending physician was going out of town for the summer, and
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Mineral Waters. — ^Laxative mineral waters are often very useful;
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application of this force can only take place throuyh the
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The prognosis was stated as exceedingly grave, the mortal-
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remedies now in constant use. Its bad taste, the diflBculty in
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shipped and invoked for relief; but when a malady dis¬
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in Mesopotamia, since the reading of the heavens for the
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myself and to my countrymen if I could eradicate that
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spontaneously, and the discharge has been gradually diminish-
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rules can be laid down for its management. All three rec-
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From the day of delivery the woman improved. At the time
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if I, Auhrmazd, had not sent Irman with his power of
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or secondary, I wish to propose a theory which I think I
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body. But the diseased area is not so situated. It is buried
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If they gained fame and importance, shrines were built
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pel bei Sidon gefundenen phonizischen Alterthiimer,” in MVG, 1904,
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of Turin ; The Destruction of Uterine Tumors by Electrolytic Puncture,
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