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member of his official family; he is often represented by

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233 Cumont, Oriental Religions, p. 21; also Toutain, op. cit., i, 336.

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below the pelvic brim, while the gravid uterus at term maj'

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tility and growth the greater seasonal gods of agriculture

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numbered the good and were ever active in attempts to

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is less than at Nauheim ; but a cheaper method is one in which the bicar-

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mate. On the basis of these facts we can readily see the

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and contained cysts. Projecting from its upper border was

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purating cavity, the obliteration of the cavity itself, and

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the Cumasan Sibyl. Three types of divination. The religious

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tellectual discovery and the varied fields of practical expe-

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frightened, she tried to escape, but, being unable to stand on

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offspring and essence of waters, and many were used for

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statement by a committee of the reasons why non-sectarian

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Aten. 10 In their primitive days, the Egyptians had con¬

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that the most efficient chemical agent for the purpose was a

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ent from the one which you have seen me use heretofore. The

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foreign cults that practiced healing had each its own

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and vomiting. Sometimes they are helped by giving cognac, arraiatic

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has been conjectured that it was in fact utilized to propi-

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Wales, P. S., Medical Director. To continue present duty

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and maimed ( ib ., I, cxvi, 16; X, xxxix, 3). At the prayer

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b.c., grew in strength until about 2300 b.c., when the

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Thebaft of Nephbouthlisib and the Stone Fobming Diathesis 125

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jority are in vigorous health, and still are in more or less active

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Astigmatic Keratitis. — Martin {Ibid.) contributes a second

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and that of the absorbable-bone drains to accomplish this

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