Auxesia ( q.v.) y with whose functions and rites her own

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between congenital syphilitic and scrofulous ulceration. I for-

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enlarged. This had entailed additional expense, and, as the

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Dr. Andrews said he had hesitated to record his experience

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tian picture of the vegetable, see Wiedemann, Das alte Agypten, p. 278.

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* " Vier Falle von syph. Infect, durch die Tonsille," " Tidskrift for

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entirely obliterated, but pus collects in pockets and sinuses

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cele, the existence and extent of the pulvinar in other mam-

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sight," "spiritual manifestations," etc. A striking instance is

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U. S. S. Lancaster, on expiration of leave of absence.

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The Effects of Injuries of the Spinal Cord upon the

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the mechanical irritation of the stump of the optic nerve. Three

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Dr. John G. — Shortly before the time for this issue

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lution. The form of delivery had been learned in only a few

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infection of the mother through a syphilitic foetus, the mother

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the burning dog-days. ’’ 146 According to the most current

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take advantage of any opportunity to enhance the posi¬

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ture went up to 104-5°, with aggravation of her condition other-

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has to be cut in the plaster-of-Paris bandage after it is dry.

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The practical outcome or result of this method of deal-

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own, she was regarded as the same, her cult becoming

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Borsippa, across the river from Babylon, where stood his

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tiseptic precautions. Some forms of bacteria are known to

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resident in Rome; while sailors and soldiers returning

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to \frork a more speedy cure in cases which are curable at all by

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gether by the thick periosteum of the neck, and that probably

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of this medicine — about a drachm per diem. It worked

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The texts were written on rolls of papyrus which have

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what masked by the thickening of the pleural membrane. She

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cautiously with sncli procedures, for we have little more than

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rected two sick men to go to Vespasian and allow him to

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with the Peloponnesos, where he was worshipped with

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2. The prevention of the decomposition of the pus, its

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1876. No man of the present age — I assert this without qualifi-

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