lege. As the purposes to which, by the terms of the gift, the
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nus there was a college of AEsculapius and Health, com¬
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manner, with little or no hajmorrh.age ; and, in about hidf an
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In one of these cases the vaginal wall was also extensively
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lodge these fiends. 46 He was learned in the traditions of
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WINCKLER, H., “Bruchstiicke von Keilschrifttexten, 77 in Altorien-
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fusions. There seems to me even less ground for delay where the me-
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(Vasistha Dharma Sutra, lxxxii, 9); neither may his food
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trostomy to the low vitality of the patient, which was illustrated
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made the statement that in criminals the cerebrum did not over-
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Notwithstanding the fact that in all cases the cause of
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0 god of the new-moon, unrivalled in might, whose counsel no
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deep part of the urethra, but there was no difficulty in passing
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which, in countries historically so old, may indicate the residence of
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goddess of child-birth who was later merged in Arte mi s. 167
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Dr. W. O. Priestly, of London ; Sir J. W. Reid, of the Briti.sh
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elective affinity. 5. That, when situated at the posterior
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ated three inches below the episternal notch. All these attempts
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which was at Pyrgi (Strabo, Y, ii, 8 — p. 226 C). Asso¬
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music, contests of rhapsodists, and other entertainments.
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Hades at the various Ploutonia and Charoneia in Greece
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from one to three inches. For an aria of about nine square
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posed, springing from the left side of the uterus and involving
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The drainage-tubes used are the ordinary rubber ones of
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