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is free from danger if the angina pectoris is caused by an atheroma of

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rational therapeutics in the cult of Asklepios is illus¬

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Epistolce, x, 35; Augustine, op. cit., IV, ii, 6). 142

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A man forty years old, of previous good health and habits, of good

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lated the history of the case and presented the specimens, which

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of out-of-door sleeping — with the face, only, coming in contact with the

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the active members of the greatest and most humanitarian of all

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the fluid extract of the same substance, to which is added a

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took place slowly, to suppose that there had been an impression

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ascents from 0^ to 20^, the grade being suited to the condition of the

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after descending across the posterior and inner angle of the

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and that is encouraging. There is slight erosion of the ace.

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but the pharmacopoeial names of these drugs are quite apt to be

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out all who were unwilling to sign a declaration which sub-

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stant, was not nearly as great as was frequently seen in cases of

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It is fully 54 inches long, strictly hand-inade, of choicest

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rios. Raising the dead and the death of Asklepios. The

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Sabazios was a healing deity, but was regarded as an

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ternal force, it is possible, upon the application of internal

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1 will now add two equally interesting and very similar

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a great catastrophe, aye a stupendous one, in which even the Mediter-

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nothing more is known concerning them; while doubtless

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tion. This was a patient in whom, after an amputation of

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by a lattice door which permitted a view of the interior.

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marked case of mysophobia, he would confound it with hypo-

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falling. The doctor removed a splint from each knee. This

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of those fibers ensued; while from stagnating urine, or from

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tions of their enemies and by reason of superior knowl¬

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ment connected with the main floor by a stairway. Near

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satisfactory results. First, the digitoxin crystals, one or two tablets,

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Prcecornu. — As shown in Figs. 55 and 56, this is con-