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aortic cusps was nearly destroyed, and just above it was a small,

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In the use of fire, an image of the demon, wizard, or

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The case was interesting from a clinical and from a diag-

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and easy deglutition was never re-established. Two months after the

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bearing the endometrium is thus incumbered, and freed by

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belief that follicular tonsillitis, in any sense of the word, is char-

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above the line of fracture, and immediately above this large

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tion, and he believed that in all there bad been a history of

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sanctuaries were inscriptions and votive tablets in com¬

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great that she took to her bed. Very large doses of morphine

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instances where medical investigations had been of invaluable

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holder; they were not properly tempered, and broke or bent

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cf. oracle in Eusebios, Prceparatio Evangelica, III, xiv,

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pretations were earnestly sought, since the success of

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has already been established at Ship Island and atSapelo Sound,

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also, that the best of it has been done in the large public socie-

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Hamilton appears to think that there may be different

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myth, the celestial origin of Soma from the sky-ocean is

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a.d.), who, afflicted with leprosy, was healed by Surya, in

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or a motor, and carefully supervised by the physician. The amount of

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announced in the "Progres mfidical " as follows: New Methods

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and graded muscular movements, for he had repeatedly cured

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six hours after delivery, when she expired. Almost immediately

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presenting an insoluble therapeutic enigma, and yet for the

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this variety, and is a most instructive and pertinent case:

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the residence of his father, in the city of New York, on Thurs-

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assured, we must insist on the need of great discrimination in

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Eye. — Alker (" Arch. f. Ophthal.," xxix, 4) formulates the re-

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raw oysters may be given with benefit] According to recent investiga-

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von Wecker and others as to the value of jeqiiirity in the treat-

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health. At the age of three, inflammation, with a cloudy con-

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salve, which, she says, caused some bleeding. She states that

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mm. Its boundaries are essentially the same as in man in

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One Hundredth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Medical