especially at Calah. Ninib had a temple, E-shu-me-du, at
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succulent vegetables — cabbage, turnips, carrots, parsnips, etc.
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ture went up to 104-5°, with aggravation of her condition other-
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the spinal cord upon the excretion of carbonic acid had been, so
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before, as a small lump, and during tlie last two years had be-
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ment inward, and cause a projection in this location. In
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fensive powers, brucine as a tonic, Triple Arsenates with Nuclein during convalescence; other rem-
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at this time, enter into a general criticism. He preferred to
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discriminates between the substances which are to be ex-
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ture of this patient was between 99° and 101°, and the clinical
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England. The writer was the author of an interesting arti-
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health this sugar was washed away by the blood as fast as it
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opinion that the quarantine service has been satisfactorily man-
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and a portion of the tensor vaginse femoris, and twist the
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Lavinia,” in JBASB, 1890-1898, ii, 448 ff.; also R. Lanciani, “The
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natural reaction, runs to the opposite extreme, and doubts
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later {7th) the jiain was beginning to return, and the discharge
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epithet Lochaia, being identified with a primitive Spartan
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Case I. — Bronchocele, removed from a girl of eighteen. The
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Constantini, iii, 56). The Emperor Iulian endeavored to
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(Eusebios, Prceparatio Evangelica, X, vi). Pausanias
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than a term of several months, but, on the other hand, he will be
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man so competent as Professor Fluckiger. The book contains,
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Boardman Reed, M. D., Atlantic Oity; the Use of Compressed
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placenta praavia the hiemorrhage was excessive. In one case
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about 1600 b.c. and possibly from the seventeenth cen¬
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votive tablets dedicated to him for his cures have been
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very close, and many elements of Hellenic religious life
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it easily. An hour and a half had been consumed before the
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to reappear even again and again, and not seldom with en-
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sciousness in the mother. For some hours her condition was
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