say “I am of no account and pitiable.” 0 Re, who hast spoken for

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seldom with a healthy condition of all the other organs, and

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gloomy, since Assyro-Babylonian belief pictured the de¬

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rejected, as well as another, that the meetings should be held in

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posit in the aorta, surrounding the coronary arteries, and in the

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He was traveling most of the time, and during the latter part

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one of the greater divinities, while in many districts he

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preted to him by his goddess mother, Nina. 30 Supplica¬

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pression. If we examine the fauces on the first day, we find

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of the somatic elements of the several organs; to show how,

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of good relations depended upon conciliation obtained by

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beneficent magic and healing, for Ianus had given her a

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diabolical, malignant spirits, seeking to overcome and

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list of malevolent beings of various kinds, ending with

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plaster-of-Paris jacket. The patient was removed to his room,

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« itliDu; Injury to the Artery by the Bone. . . 53o

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fers from loss of sleep. On examination, a vesical calculus, rather

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some seven or eight years ago presented a specimen of dermoid

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nine were given by the mouth and twenty-five by the rec-

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sented, during life, a yellowish discoloration of the conjunctiva^

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ni. Painful Dyspepsia— Palpitation. — ^There remain two more symp-

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54 In a Supplement to this chapter are listed a number of minor

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The island of Thrinakia (Sicily), where his cattle were

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There has been no necessity for any change in ihe formula of H. V. C. because its therapeutic

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daries dardaries asiadarides una petes,’* or “motas vseta

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the skill of the operator, whose experience enables him to determine

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Pa. No words are needed from me. His works have already

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mythology he was treated as a Thessalian deity akin to

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They do not apply, for obvious reasons, in the case of

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For rihlebitis, the following application is made along the course of

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