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have become dilated at the expense of the interstitial con-

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Brahma is the great Hindu god of Indian speculative

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or fat.] In case of an antipathy to milk, it is often better taken

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cities, and to justify him in devoting more time to its editorial

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concerning most of them are lacking. The best known

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method, with only one incision, he opened freely and reached

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The first writer. Professor Hammond, regards the affec-

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published in 1880 gives the names of 118 original Fellows. One

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being consumed by the worshippers (CIS i, 165, 12; 166,

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powers were summoned by invocations, hymns, and con¬

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The Treatment of Myomata Uteii by Laparotomy, by Professor Ka^berle,

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bacilli had undoubtedly a certain diagnostic and prognostic

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readers who intend to make the trip to Europe for the special purpose

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unearthed. In many instances, the healing function of a

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care in the dressing of the wounds. After incising the

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vantages would result from the time that could be given to reflecting

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blood pressure as high as possible. (See p. 246.) [I do not doubt that

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one or more locahzed points of pain in the body. In one of the attacks

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sound was of shorter duration .ind of harder tone. A low

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is, therefore, only applicable to cases of bony ankylosis fol-

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Sekhmet, Mut, Ubastet, and Uzoit, divinities having child¬

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selected, will be found sufficient for all ordinary cases of

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at all, under the circumstances, could fairly have been regarded

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tection by Dr. Koch (who was deputed by the Gi-rman Govern-

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cases. In one of the patients the trcatraeut was u^t sutK-

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In these days the god [HCsculapius], admonished by the oracle,