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Oeneral Surgery, By John B. Murphy, M. D. Vol. II. 608 pages. Now

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ence with the return circulation by the twist of the pedicle. As

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worthy of remark that the field-mouse, although much like the

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As starch is insoluble in alcohol and cold water, it be-

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The reader had examined two hundred subjects, all between

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The symptom complex of angina pectoris is made up of pain behind

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at Athens being a matter of official concern and care of

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Dr. James C. Wilson, of Philadelphia, referred to the fact

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to write out the ingenious thoughts which form the basis of his

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sanias (II, xi, 7) equates with Telesphoros of Pergamon,

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fecundity and cooperated with the Luperci at the Luper-

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Argolis, where he settled and cured its people, whence

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bone, deprived of periosteum, merely hung susi)ended by the capsular

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S^quard also made an extended series of experiments, and be-

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The authorities consulted by this gentleman have scarcely

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On Torsion of Great Arteries near their Bifurcation, by Dr. Wanscher,

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Ea was conceived in a universal sense, and his fame

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ice-bag or cooling apparatus over the precordia to quiet the heart The

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people, who was its patron, protector, and ruler, whose