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called anthrax as a very different thing from malignant pustule.

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rus, ii, 3-6; Hearst Medical Papyrus, 70, V, 9, 12, 15). Re

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This finishes the discussion of the therapy of aortic aneurism, and

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albuminous precipitate was thrown down. Under the micro-

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cincts at Nemi. When the cult of Diana was removed to

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were the subject of a paper read by M. Bremond at the same meeting.

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the degree of doctor in medicine from the Harvard Medical

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ings (CIA ii, 835, 836) consisted of money payments or

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ing the larger. So we should expect to find the right lung lower

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Resorein in the Entero-colitis of Infants. — The " Progrfes medical"

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authoritative development in the religions of the Eu¬

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the relative infrequency of septicaemia from this cause —

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gentlemen who had grown gray in its service, and whose brows