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the Danube provinces, showing that they were venerated
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the spread of disease was not recognized by the Greeks,
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whenever dilatation was necessary, but thought something
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by the considerable distance from the genitals to the anus,
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quent in pregnancy than many imagined, and this form of reti-
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synovitis of one or more of the joints of the lower extremi-
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I here demonstrate to you the method of putting up a broken
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when in other cases we find no indication of these nerves
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of the soul, and blessed immortality. 249 Organized by its
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Books; and the tradition that his earliest Italian home
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witch was made of wax or other inflammable material,
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diagnosis of ovarian cyst. He had not trusted to the cell alone,
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4), and his healing functions occupy a relatively unim¬
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iii, 3) ; 129 while Farnell 130 makes note of the “striking
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was a popular deity and had at least three temples in
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he must depend on hotels and boarding-houses. In most
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nurse is not allowed to take it unless directed to do so. It
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which they had assumed, although the worship of Osiris,
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app.irently trifling causes in producing marlced elevations of
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19 Cf. A. C. Pearson, “Human Sacrifice (Greek),” in ERE vi, 847-
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cet," Dec. 2'2, 188.3) gives a valuable anatomical meang of identi-
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puerperal woman, which render her a prey to so many and
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introduced, and the wound was covered with naphtlialiuated
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was sacred to him as Apollo Soranus, the worshippers
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Syndactylism presents itself in two forms, viz., congeni-
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fluid in its consistency. For this purpose, the author recommends the
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Fessona, a goddess who gave aid to the weary and re¬
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dered form 3 times daily, 0.005-0.01 G. (Vi,-% gr.), or in a 2%
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small or the intervals between were too long. Patients some-
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patient got well. He thought the case reported suggested the
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