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Nature to herself, and this whether with the recently par-
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bottle another bottle of the same size and shape which con-
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eral eruption of roseola, and, a few weeks later, by enlargement
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the city limits (Dion Kassios, liii, 2). In a.d. 19, owing to
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position of the child shoDld be carefully and accurately deter-
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American sanatoria for patients with tuberculosis have been mentioned.
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prepared the way for the sun-god Re, the falcon, whose
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several States, looked up to Asklepios as a divine exem¬
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wells and springs. Originally they appear to have been
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fered from blennorrhoea in that the other eye could not be inocu-
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three Monros, and not for his father, as stated by Todd and by Littrfi
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century a.d., this cult played an important part in the
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and one of jaundice with obstruction attended by intermitting
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position, while in hip-joint disease it is the active contrac-
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foreign deity was now permitted to have an altar in the
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every case. When the difficulties of the process required for
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fluence over healing and as suggesting the silence and
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which resembled the contraction of tendons. He had noticed
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hence, being a prophetess for the infant into whose future
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fact that, when the nervous system had been so long affected as
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offspring; in other words, it might be congenital. Attention
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glorious!” (Vendiddd, xxii, 2); and incantations also
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was a characteristic of Koleops, and the professor expressed