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far more frequently the former — is seized with a chill fol-

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hood, 258 and after undergoing both the taurobolium and

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could be received; but at Titane they were feared, and

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19 Jastrow, Religion, pp. 252 ff.; also Zimmern, in ERE ii, 317-318.

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better results thereby than by the use of any other medicine.

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or has not been lacerated or abraded, as a result of parturi-

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attended, usually in secret, by small but enthusiastic

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These conditions which favor retraction of the long tissue

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associated with incubation closely simulating what are

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nated in thrombosis or ulceration, as had been the case in the

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recognized in the healing character of Zeus Epaphos and

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Fessona, a goddess who gave aid to the weary and re¬

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chairman. The gentleman in question has on numerous occa-

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some spiritual source, usually because of some inscribed

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for by the pyrophoroi, though this duty was sometimes

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lant in narcotic doses. Smaller doses, if they produced any

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Sir : In your last issue of tliis journal you speak of " rectal

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found and studied by Friedliinder as a micrococcus of pneumo-

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under my notice a gentleman suffering from a mild attack

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the same way as described for the sawdust dressing, except

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fibroid with a strong vulsella, drawing it down, and endeavor-

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of an epilepsy is either useless or only temporarily bene-

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* See Ad. Pansch, "Archiv fiir Anatomie und Entwickl.," 1877,

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heavens, and especially from the immortal gods (Hesiod,

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Luperci (also called priests of Pan). 83 The ritual indi-

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The Wisconsin Medical Recorder, by Grace M. Norris,

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830), and a great hunter, lived in a cave on Mount Pelion

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as well as at Trebula Mutusca, in Sabine territory. 92

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ing equal paits of bromide of potassium and bromide of sodium