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the gold-and-sodium chloride was effective. In time the un-
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Iaso (Herondas, iv, 4-5). Legends coming from elsewhere
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of Upamanyu after he had fallen into a well ( Mahabha -
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from wine and food. Pallets for the sick were placed in
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researches in our midst during the last cold weather) of a micro-
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tals with a full equipment of consulting rooms, pharma¬
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qualities which seem to explain their great success and eminence
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aspect into the worship of the gods, cult of the dead, and
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tlie examples which have been recorded to-night more aptly
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— especially on account of its contagious and specific char-
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" According to these figures," continues the author, "in
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In our issue for April 12th there appeared an editorial arti-
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speculation by philosophers; and theories, naturalistic
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bones themselves or the turbinated bones and the septum,
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attaching to the city by reason of its mortality bills, yet this
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as a test case by the attorneys who acted in behalf of the Buf-
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order to allow me to take exception to certain statements which
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of the pectineal eminence have been removed, and the broad
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293 J. E. Harrison, “The Kouretes and Korybantes,” ERE vii, 758-
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three cases in which there was pronounced pannus corneae, the
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especially at Calah. Ninib had a temple, E-shu-me-du, at
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help from a concert to be given in its behalf at Steinway Hall
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the cardiac region help to relieve the pain. A dose of strong wine som^
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occult sciences, and the supposedly ineffable mysteries
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larged area, but always with less density and diminished
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edies or prescriptions ( Ebers Papyrus, lxiv, 4; lxvi, 15). 110
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Samuel T. Hubbard, in view of the great sorrow he has ex-
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is most apt to be present in urine passed after eating, or
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named after the particular demon causing it, was sup¬
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gradual onset. Progressive muscular atrophy did not cause the