will suffice to establish the truth of the statement. In the
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loose a thnHnbotic particle. Only when we are sure that this possibilily is
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75 A. M. Blackman, “Priest, Priesthood (Egyptian),” in ERE x,
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formed that Dr. Thomas R. Pooley will open his private hos-
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were highly esteemed, the licking of ulcers and other
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attributes, functions, and honors of other deities, reduced
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The author combines the infusion of digitalis with a double salt of
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be some movement at the hip joint, yet, on account of the
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The presence of the bacillus had been observed in other
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Reports of the committees on practical medicine, surgery, ob-
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them, assailing man to his detriment and destruction.
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that the Druids had resisted the majesty of Rome, and
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T take the foetus to be at the end of the fourth lunar
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the cavities, and the preponderance of curved and oblique
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of treatment by this method, resulting in recovery, in the
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Side by side with Christianity, they promised those ini¬
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akin to Faunus and Fauna, or Bona Dea ( CIL x, 5998 f.);
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shall enter the medical profession without the highest men-
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164 Gruppe, op. cit., pp. 193, 1164; Usener, op. cit., pp. 64, 129-130.
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tion of the alcohol exhaled, but there is reason to believe that
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attack of an enemy through the aid of a wizard or witch,
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and is then wrapped in hot wet cloths and laid on the patient. The
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The patient was at once put upon full doses of the potas-
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WOLTERS, P., “Zur Athena Hygieia des Pyrrhos,” in Mittheilungen
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pitals and museums. This is a prospect by no means attractive,
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xxv, 5; Frazer, op. cit., v, 136). Suidas ( s.v. aKcorj) re¬
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of practice is the more important because the ailment is one
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and where they both represented the devouring, destruc¬