ancient medical lore. She was also a child-birth goddess,

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Rchiff, of New York ; and J. C. Stewart, B. S., of New Y'ork. The

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appeared to the philosopher Proklos in a vision, while he

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noon session, at Huntington Hall, in the Institute of Technology,

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were grouped lesser deities, demigods, and those of a still

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cult gave its faithful initiates assurance of purification,

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tional case, it is obvious that the method does away with some

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the general systemic outbreak which characterizes the affec-

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finger came in contact with a second child, which 1 extracted,

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from the operation, and died within about twelve hours. At

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sidered an impiety or an offense against the divinity. 145

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70 Referring to Asklepios as the son instead of the grandson of Leto

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posture to facilitate drainage. Keep up the appetite, and a

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dose up to 15 gr. 3 times a day. He continues this medication for

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brings the perfect end,” and that he was an old ‘departmental god’

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Arsinoe, the parent or, as sometimes claimed, the wife of

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one is in direct communication with the atmosphere and con-

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the best Italian guitar " E " and violin " E " strings, these

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once formed, though afterward demonstrated to be erro-

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leading principles of treatment were to relieve anaemia, neura-

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nitrate of bismuth. When there is an obstinate disposition

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fane side of the native medical practice, which is beyond

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an abundance of warm water, which favors the operation by

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identified with Diana, is mentioned as a goddess of child¬

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The Bacillus Theory of Tuberculosis. — [After the read-

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poison to the parasitic organism ? This was the most probable

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remedy the ill effects of their bites. Other parts of the

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On the C. B. & Q. one hour's street car ride from State ami MuiNou Streets, Chicago, 111.

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Medical and Surgical Association, and his reports were models

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was tied by himself, but he soon found hasmorrhage occurring