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103 For an extended consideration of ancient incubation in its rela¬
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drawn in a case seen in consultation the present week. He was
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tion, but for the purpose of therapeutic confirmation.
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can be relied upon to accomplish more and better results than K. I.
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thra, but the instrument entered the bladder and emptied it,
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clinique.) Par le Dr. Debout D'Estr^es, M^decin inspecteur
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conditions are entirely different if the sound-waves enter the
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4th. Causes urates, phosphates and oxalates to be held in solution by the modified
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colliquative diarrhoea to the extent of seven or eight passages.
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have been in connection with the baths of Diocletian
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that the brain was so arranged as to undergo the least possible
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morphine, which are as preeminently the sole remedies in these cases as
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little is known. The larger shrines were administered by
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sympathies and their influence in preventing "envy, hatred,
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Ahura Mazda (Yasht, i, 2-5, 8, 12), the moon (Yasht, vii,
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Fryer, Blencowe E., Major and Surgeon. Ordered from
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and in the gray matter between them and the anterior columns;
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were not overburdened with goblins and specters, nor do
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leaves, and has had an alcoliolic extract made from the former, and a
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have been made. Attention to details, however, witli the thera-
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according to tradition, he first developed his mantic
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on liim has practically rested the work — than that out of the
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, use an instrument to produce a miscarriage, and, in con-
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within the first^six months of life, the remainder occurring
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quantity of osmic acid used in these three cases was between 0'025 and