Arsinoe was called Koronis in her youth. There are other

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any adhesions to the abdominal wall. Ascites was prominent at

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council, at sacrifices, and during prayers, no one was per¬

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mation that ended in thickening of the vesical walls and ure-

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fourth, to professional hygiene. Information may be obtained from

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material being injected per luram as described in Lecture

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those who are coming after than the character and success of

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In this case I washed out the uterus three times a day with

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Returning now to the erect attitude, let us make note of

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Dr. Westbeook would like to state that the method of con-

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180a G. Jequier, “Nature et origine du dieu Bes,” in RTPA, 1915,

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Tlie Section in Psychiatry and Ka-vous Diseases. — Prepared Com-

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by means of hot air, as in the so-called ph6nix k Fair chaud (see p. 40).

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of the uterus, and compression of its fundus through the ab-

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(Ibykos, Frag., xxxvii; Simonides, Frag., ccxiii; Lykoph-

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thalin as a prophylactic against erysipelas, that during the

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prevailing. He had known of many cases where the disease in

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Dr. Panooast stated that he hked chloride of zinc as an

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tions of strings, membranes, and strips of metal and glass which result in

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Gerard Rookwoods, aged forty-five, a native of Italy, was

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to be a life-long subscriber. — F. M. Sponseller, M. D.,

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the sound is tympanitic. Now inflate forcibly until the walls

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uterus, opens the way for perilous haemorrhage. Not only this,

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be given as a diagnostic experiment. If in 4 or 5 days it produces no

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of a dark, muddy-brown, grumous fluid of a neutral reaction, a sp. gr.

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ion, Listerism was not the whole of antiseptic surgery. He had

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DAVIS, C. H. S., The Egyptian Book of the Dead. New York and

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the valuable medicinal qualities. It is suited to all

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ii, 27); while as a divinity of magic she was equated

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to a damp and raw day. He thought the cases of interest be-

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rite Faunus received the name of another god, Februus,

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the ornithologist. Then come the experimenters and ana-