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to State worship, while a temple, AEdes Matris Deum

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dignity, and was unsurpassed in splendor. In Assyria

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medical purveyor, for duty at the purveying depot at St. Louis,

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ahoolders, the palms of the hands meeting in front of the chest. They

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speeches. The origin and significance of this festival have

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clinical medicine recently published by M. Gueneau de Mussy :

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much greater surface of the femoral condyles receives the

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Local Items. — The Proposed Free Medical College. — The Con-

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of the Black Sea, having learned magic and sorcery from

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bone had been simply returned, the risk to life would have been

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claimed, that of Kalchas, whose shrine was on the brow

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history of a number of my cases, taken at random from

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marble he is represented as a small boy, nude or lightly

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moved and the treatment of the case completed it was discon-

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The peritoneal cavity contained a small amount of sero-purulent

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gravels of the country. Some of these are of Pleistocene age, and

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as to be tiresome, I trust, even for the reader to whom they

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thin, or hard and thick, it softened and yielded ; the cervix and

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Dr. C. K. Briddon had seen two or three cases of perityph-

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became confused in early history with the priest-physi¬

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that the Long Island College Hospital believes in study

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pulse to 115 beats a minute. His urine was never albu-

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Later, the Mysteries of Eleusis promised her initiates

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subject, and relates a case which he has met with. He finds tliat sar-

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River, and Berwick's Bay ; these we will guard with sleepless vigilance

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the pitfalls and dangers of the passage to his final resting

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time of the last report, and the healing process is going on

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The secretary presented a summary of the registration of medical

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fourth mile-stone on the Via Latina, and none but women

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