miscarried or died, and that such miscarriage was not necessary
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appear that, in the early days of Rome at least, it was
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cities, as is shown by the following table, which is included
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of a goose's egg, and quite hard. When about seventeen years
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fast as they broke down, were detached, and antiseptic irriga-
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another, with antiseptic precautions, with no fear of being tlie
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Etudes de mythologie et d’ arche ologie egyptiennes. 8 vols. Paris,
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hands, and may the river carry it away downstream. 64
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chloride are often omitted without apparently detracting much if any
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cases all light-sensations were denied. Tliis negative result
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might be. In many cases the cause was a flexion, and the effect
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to beautify the commoner aspects of life with romance and poetry,
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note the sudden onset of a train of symptoms in which uncon-
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better results after adding the bromide of ammonium or
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axis-cylinder of a motor nerve-fiber. The other poles of
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By the end of the first century b.c., the identification of
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buildings on and after August 9th (from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. on the 9th,
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tified in function with Aphrodite, and a shrine was built
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patient died soon after delivery, and the child lived but a few
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Some Points in Encephalic Anatomy which are not Infre-
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lation. The cautery occasionally exerted a good effect in organic
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Flint, of New York, then proceeded to read his address, in
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cles ; it lowers the temperature rapidly ; it increases the waste of tissue.
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irrigator, a pair of large shears, and ordinary roller bandages.
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the Examination of the Vision of Railway Functionaries, by Dr. Redard
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•ncc. Renewal blank is enclosed for this purpose. Kindly always renew promptly.
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inferior to it. We give sodium-salicylate or sodium-benzoate of caffdn
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64 Hollander, Plastik und Medizin , p. 122, fig. 26.
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four deaths. The total, though unprecedented in recent years,