outside that city and its dependencies in North Africa,

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ness, the hrj-h-t is loosed by that which the divine Isis hath done;

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this river with the Oxus; but it is, in all probability, wholly mythical.

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standpoint. There physicians assure us that tlie claims made by the Oppen-

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famous Earth-Shaker (Poseidon), *‘gave hands more

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Dionysos had a large share in the Delphic oracle, and it

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Macmillan & Co., 1884. Pp. xv-371. [Price, $.3.50.]

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one which really deserved consideration. In the case referred

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posterior synechias, though usually this may be prevented.

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The Syriac Book of Medicines. 2 vols. London, 1913.

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Referring to the case of the man, Dr. Ketes said he had in

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until Marcus Aurelius celebrated one for seven days

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no opinion, but he believes the fact to be incontestable.

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origin in the reproduction which occurs at the point of

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bear a child. —Wheat and spelt which a woman daily wets with

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5. A diphtheritic membrane developing in the fauces

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cations and held that one way in which such perceptions

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frequently have to employ a special therapy, directed against one or

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which the nerve cells, the nerve fibers, and the vessels are

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but not so markedly so as we were generally taught to expect. In

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On examining the masses during efforts at deglutition,

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is discharging healthy pus, and the discharge is more abundant.

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ties, which gradually increased, and finally paralysis of motion

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tion is considered in connection with the inability of nearly

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tals, and it is a notable fact that these were the only

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They are ten dollars each with express prepaid. It will give us pleasure to send our little booklet, also

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after death. Moral purity and justice in this life gained

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tumor off at the level of the clamp, tied the artery, and united

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lateral. Of the latter, 23 were on the left side and 5 on the

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ceived, and which may be formulated as in several stages:

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tation, in the magic arts of divination and astrology, and

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