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116 Apparently a part of the Asklepieion, so called from the ‘voices’
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the root of the aorta; these were limited to the first portion of
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anise, caraway, fennel, salicin, and rhubarb. With these simple
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Louisa T., a young girl of twenty, came to the Boston Dis-
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ent phases of a more comprehensive divine personality.
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of the glucosides. It comes in compressed tablets, each of which corre-
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President delivered the annual address. He referred to several
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Death from Asphyxia. — Dr. W. P. Noethrup presented a
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mediator who has not come to it over the summit. He
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of the liquid given and increased excretion of water favor the process of
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symbolism, and appealing to the eye and ear; while the
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the patient is free from the affection, and in time to allow
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Dr. Flint felt confident it would be. In the present state of
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children by Hygieia are given as Panakeia, Epio, and
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were held also at Byrkos on Karpathos, Kalymna, Ephe-
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portion of the uterus, and also with Thomas's hard-rubber
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that death occurred before the tissue-changes ending in heat
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adequately raised.'' It is indeed wholesome for us to be made
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two of its meetings were of so high an order of merit, and so
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produces no diuresis, often causing painful or severe symptoms of mer-
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the doctor was examining the pulse, was seized with a very
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having characteristics possessed by no other god; while
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nal death-rate shown by the figures. Nothing should bo left
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In answer to Dr. Rochester, he would say that he had ex-
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which is commonly attributed to the Belgian surgeon Didot,
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section, circumcision, 165 castration, and lithotomy. 166 Like
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'the creator of the gods and of the world,' a fellow worker
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partly assimilated. Attention is caDed also to the interpreta-
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broad and blunted, and does not reach the surface of the
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